VOX Ceuta has demonstrated this Sunday, December 6, that "in a historic moment in which those who have the duty to protect the Constitution and the unity of Spain have become its main enemies," there are also those who are willing to defend the constitutional order above all. On the anniversary of the Magna Carta, VOX representatives have read a manifesto simultaneously in all Spanish cities and in Ceuta they have held in front of the Government Delegation, in the Plaza de Los Reyes.

In Ceuta, the national deputy of VOX, Teresa López, has been in charge of reading the manifesto in which it has been argued that there is "a majority of Spaniards who love their homeland and are willing to defend it." "Today we give voice to millions of compatriots denouncing and pointing to a government that, delivered to separatism and the successors of ETA, has as its main objective to destroy the Crown, symbol of the unity and permanence of Spain, and our constitutional system," he warned Lopez.

After the deputy, the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has begun reading several of the articles of the Constitution that are under threat, such as the second where it is stated that "the Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Nation Spanish, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards ”. He has been followed by the spokesman for the Parliamentary Group in the Ceuta Assembly, Carlos Verdejo, and several affiliates of the party.

Despite the capacity restrictions, there have been many Ceuta who have wanted to support this call in defense of the constitutional order, even from the surroundings of the Plaza de Los Reyes. To all of them, the president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, thanked them for their participation. And it is that, he recalled that the defense of the constitutional order is "more necessary than ever before the serious threat posed by the Government of PSOE and Podemos, Sánchez and Iglesias, but also Otegui and Rufían."

"We gather to say enough and demand that this government strictly comply with constitutional legality," Redondo insisted, giving way to the national anthem and proclaiming a "Long live Spain!" and "Long live the King!" with which the act has been closed.

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