It has been a month since the Government of the Nation declared the State of Alarm before the Covid-19 pandemic and all non-essential economic activity in the country was paralyzed. However, in this period Vox has intensified its work of inspecting the Executive of Sánchez and specifically the two parliamentarians of the formation by Ceuta, the deputy Teresa López and the senator Yolanda Merelo. Both have registered in this time about 70 questions, most of them referring to the direct management of the central Executive, through the Government Delegation, in the autonomous city. In addition, Vox Ceuta has participated in the approval of an emergency plan of 70 million euros with measures, mostly, of direct help to the business network of the autonomous city to face the economic crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The training, led by Juan Sergio Redondo, has claimed from the beginning of the State of Alarm that more resources come to the city in front of the Covid-19 as a medicalized ship, but also that the old Military Hospital be enabled to be able to attend to infected people if The cases increase, or that the military contributes to the surveillance work on the streets of Ceuta, as they are doing now. Vox Ceuta has also advocated suspending the payment of the self-employed fee for three months or the abolition of taxes on the consumption of supplies such as water or electricity.

López and Merelo have denounced, through the interpellations presented in both the Congress and the Senate, the lack of protection material for professionals such as health professionals, members of the Security Forces and Bodies, or groups such as security guards. In addition, they have questioned why the Government Delegation does not assume the reception of immigrants, adults and minors, who are taking over the Autonomous City in sports halls, or why they are not practicing massive Covid-19 tests such as recommends the World Health Organization.

The Vox national deputy, who has registered 47 questions, two non-law proposals and two requests for reports in the last month, has asked the Government to report on aid to Morocco to stop the Covid-19 and asked if it has made any kind management so that the cross-border trapped in Ceuta can return to their homes. Meanwhile, Merelo, with almost twenty questions, has been especially attentive to the lack of protective material at the University Hospital of Ceuta or between the Security Forces and Bodies, in addition to the situation of immigrants received in sports halls.

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