Vox Ceuta prepares a joint action in the Congress and the Senate to defend the educational interests of Ceuta and "the importance of the presence of our institutions in the Education Sector Conference". After the Autonomous City has been vetoed by the Ministry in the meeting that was held this Wednesday to decide how this school year will be developed due to the State of Alarm by the Covid-19, both Teresa López, in Congress, and Yolanda Merelo, in the Senate, will question the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, in this regard. In addition, the national deputy for Vox has a list, unless it is registered, a Proposition No of Law for the autonomous cities to be included in this forum.

As reported by the local Executive himself, an exceptional request had been made to participate in the last Sectorial Conference on Education, given the importance of the issues to be discussed at the meeting. However, the Ministry denied the petition alleging that the Autonomous City has no powers in this area. A situation in which Vox is going to claim a place in its own right in this sector since the decisions that are taken also influence hundreds of students in the city.

López has already prepared a Proposition No of Law so that Ceuta has its place in such a decisive forum as Education. Thus, through the Vox Group in the Congress of Deputies it is going to be urged to approve within the Sectorial Commission of Education that a representative of the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla appear in the composition of the Sectorial Table of Education, support body of the General Commission of Education.

Taking into account that the Ministry of Education does delegate certain educational subjects in the Autonomous Cities, such as free textbooks, the management of the Conservatory and the UNED, as well as the service of the personnel of the agreement between the Ministry and the Autonomous City , it is essential that Ceuta and Melilla are represented at the aforementioned Sector Conference ”, López defends in the PNL's explanatory statement. The presence in this forum, he points out, would allow both cities "to expose the problems of the schools in the two territories while also being informed first hand about what is agreed in the Sector Conferences that are held."

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