Last Tuesday, July 21, the suspension of the Feast of Sacrifice, scheduled for July 31, was agreed due to the "high risk" of health due to the coronavirus crisis. However, between July 31 and August 2, nearly 12 tons of animal waste was removed from the city streets. Some more than striking data for VOX Ceuta that have led the party to present an interpellation for the next control plenary session in which they will ask the Government how it is possible that animals were sacrificed if the Feast of Sacrifice was suspended.

Through a plenary agreement, the arrival of exceptional cattle to Ceuta, the sale of sheep or goats to individuals was suspended, and any type of slaughter on public roads or in homes was declared illegal. Therefore, the training led by Juan Sergio Redondo will ask the local government "how is it possible that animals were sacrificed on that date." "What device was set up to collect the waste?", Asks VOX Ceuta.

In addition, the training wants to know the reason why 40 containers were installed in various parts of the city, and, in addition, if some type of purchase was made by the local administration such as bags to distribute them among citizens. And, according to the tons of organic waste collected between July 31 and August 2, it is estimated that the number of animals slaughtered would be between 700 and 800, so the training questions where so many animals have come from .

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