The second wave of Covid-19 cases continues to rise, Ceuta remains at around 60 active cases, and most families are awaiting whether there will be a return to school this September. A chaotic scenario in the midst of which Pedro Sánchez has come to the fore to announce that he is leaving in the hands of the autonomous communities the strategy to follow to stop the increase in coronavirus infections and if they confine part or all of their territory. And for VOX Ceuta, this movement is a new example of the lack of responsibility of the PSOE-Podemos coalition government that will end up seriously damaging the city after months in which the neglect has been total.

"The Government abdicates its responsibility once again, something that does not surprise us because it is in line with what has been its performance throughout the first phase of this terrible epidemic ”, criticizes the president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Round. He assures that the "inability" of the Sánchez Executive "to resolve each and every one of the critical issues that have occurred during the past months, is translated precisely in this abandonment of functions with which he now intends to characterize his disastrous political performance during this legislature". "It is something serious that, of course, will have consequences for the Nation and especially for the city of Ceuta," warns Redondo.

One more reason for the motion

For the president of VOX Ceuta, this announcement by the Government of Sánchez e Iglesias is "one more reason for the motion of censure" that the party wants to carry out this coming September. For her part, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, denounces how "the decisions made by the Prime Minister show that he is not capable of solving problems, but rather of creating them."

"And here, the Government delegate has done the same by not addressing the problems that Ceuta suffers and that have increased in these months in which Spain has started the path towards the deepest and most dangerous recession it has suffered since the Civil War, with the biggest drop in GDP in 100 years, with unemployment close to the highest in Europe and being leaders in the number of outbreaks ", warns López, to add:" At VOX we consider that the main duty of a government is to protect its compatriots and, of course, it is not what this criminal government of Sánchez e Iglesias or its representative in Ceuta is doing, submissive to what they are imposing on it from Madrid ”.

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