Vox Ceuta supports the initiative of the Nursing Union (Satse) to promote in the Assembly of the Autonomous City an institutional declaration of support and recognition for all the professionals who are part of our National Health System (SNS). After Satse has contacted the formation to make this proposal, the party announces that it will support any initiative in this regard and even offers to take it to the plenary session of the Assembly to show support and thanks to the professionals who have attended, from the first line of action, to those infected by Covid-19 in the autonomous city.

In the letter sent to Vox Ceuta, Satse highlighted that the effort and commitment of all the people and workers of our country to end, among all, this serious pandemic, is “undeniable”, and this is also how the party understands it. In addition, the union places special emphasis on the case of health professionals who are working "in especially difficult working conditions and not without risk to their health and safety, as well as that of people in their immediate environment." A situation that Vox Ceuta has denounced on several occasions to request, since the State of Alarm was declared, more means of protection for the workers of the health centers and the hospital.

Satse highlights that the group of health professionals, and especially the Ceuta, "are demonstrating more than enough their responsibility, dedication and effort so that patients and citizens as a whole regain health and for the Health System and society get back to normal as soon as possible ”. Words that Vox Ceuta supports and therefore, both its president, Juan Sergio Redondo, and all the members of the parliamentary group, do not hesitate to support the initiative of Satse to give professionals working in health centers and hospitals the institutional recognition they deserve.

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