VOX has already started the path to remove the Government of Pedro Sánchez from Moncloa after his "criminal management" of the Covid-19 crisis and to prevent it from continuing to leave a trail of "ruin and death" in Spain. It has done so using the democratic weapons at its disposal: a motion of censure, which is being debated this Wednesday and Thursday in Congress. "No other government in democracy has accumulated so many reasons to present a motion," says the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, who with her vote against the Executive will give "a voice" to "outraged" Spaniards.

"The 52 of VOX fulfill our responsibility by representing the indignation and unease felt by many Spaniards, "the deputy emphasizes, to recall how during the months of the legislature they have asked the Government" not to agree with communists, not to put Iglesias in the CNI, to disallow the attacks on the Crown and to pay the payroll to all Spaniards who were prevented from working ”. "However, we are seeing that the only thing that the Government continuously does is assault the powers such as the General Council of the Judiciary, the State Attorney, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Civil Guard, and attacks on the Crown," says López, that warns that the objective of Sánchez and Iglesias is "to curtail the freedoms and rights of the Spanish."

"We are in a tragic year both from the health point of view due to the negligent management of the Government, and in the economic sphere, since they have destroyed the economy, ”laments the Ceuta parliamentarian. And it is that, López affirms that “never before have there been so many reasons to present this motion of censure”. "This is a motion of loyalty to the Spanish people at a time of national and social emergency," says the national deputy.

Question of democratic hygiene

"At VOX we are very clear about how we want to be remembered at this critical moment in our history: as those who did everything possible and gave the Spanish people a voice to remove the worst government at the worst moment, ”says López. Finally, he insists that this is the government “responsible for the criminal management of the coronavirus epidemic because we lead all the health ranking of contagion, or of elderly victims of Covid-19 in residences, in addition to the thousands of families that have been sentenced to ruin and misery ”.

The president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, highlights that this is "a necessary, essential motion of censure, directly related to a question of political and democratic hygiene." "We have the need to expel from the institutions a criminal government that has no respect for the Constitution, for the main or highest institutions of the State, for democracy in general, or for a majority of its legitimate representatives," he says.

For the leader of VOX Ceuta, this motion of censure "will allow to highlight the moral and political nature of a social-communist government that is leading Spain to economic disaster and, what is worse, to health disaster." “Contrary to what some groups argue, especially the Popular Party, it is a useful and effective tool for citizens to see with absolute clarity how this government is using its position to restrict our rights and, of course, our own. freedom ”, Redondo adds.

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