One of the measures included in the electoral program of VOX Ceuta for the last elections was to end public subsidies to ideological proselytizing associations and organizations. For this reason, VOX will question in the next plenary session of Control about the destination of public funds that from the administration itself are granted to different associations through subsidies. Specifically, the training wants to know the situation of the funds that Digmun receives.

"With what objective does the Government allocate more than 100,000 euros to Digmun?", Asks VOX. The training is committed to the associations being supported by the contributions of their associates and supporters, "as well as an audit of all the grants awarded in the last four years with the requirement to assume responsibilities in case of improper use" .

For all these reasons, the party led by Juan Sergio Redondo wants to know what activities this association carries out and what audience it is aimed at, as well as a justification for the expense of these activities, among other issues. "Does the Government believe that the public money of all Ceuta should be allocated to teaching Moroccan minors who do not meet the requirements for school?", Questions the training.

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