VOX Ceuta, in line with the position of the party at the national level against the current State of Alarm decree, has once again opposed "the restrictive measures" that have been proposed for Ceuta at the Board of Spokespersons held this Friday. "The closing of the so-called 'non-essential' sectors at 6:00 pm seems totally counterproductive to us," said the president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo. "It is a measure that we understand that, under no circumstances, will benefit health control and that it will only harm a business and productive sector that was already in crisis before the pandemic and that is being especially punished with all the restrictive measures that have been implemented since the first Emergency decree ”, he stated.

Faced with the new restrictions, VOX continues to bet on greater control in compliance with preventive measures, a greater deployment of health facilities in the city, the performance of a greater number of diagnostic tests to detect the virus and, of course , "Of greater coercive measures for those who irresponsibly fail to comply with the prevention and isolation measures in case of contagion" and this is emphasized by Redondo.

For VOX, it is a “hasty” decision to want to close the 'non-essential' activity at 6:00 p.m. because, despite having different curfews and restrictive measures, “it is still not possible to make a real assessment of how they they are affecting the decrease in infections and the control of the pandemic ”. "Trying to apply measures such as those that are taking place in Andalusia, without taking into account that the economic situation of Ceuta is totally different, and not comparable at all, will cause greater damage to our economic fabric than benefit in the health field", Round alert.

"It is totally contradictory that from certain political groups in the city, such as the socialist case, increasingly restrictive measures are demanded and therefore detrimental to our economy, when the central government, to which they are supposed to be politically attached, does exactly everything otherwise, even denying the request for confinement that has been made from the Autonomous City ”, affirms the leader of VOX Ceuta. For Redondo, it is “something totally surreal”, which “demonstrates the inconsistencies in the management of this terrible pandemic of a social-communist government that is already considered internationally as the one that is managing this crisis the worst and that is also on whom the competition depends health of Ceuta ”.

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