VOX Ceuta, before the criticism that the CCOO and UGT have made against the party, wants to state that the training “will always give its support to all those effective measures that are destined to alleviate the effects of the social and economic crisis that the pandemic is producing in Ceuta". Of course, "always from responsibility and away from demagoguery and populism," emphasizes the president of Vox Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo.

"It is evident that others do not act in the same way and launch proposals without explaining how to make them viable, thereby deceiving citizens affected by the crisis and also creating false hopes in those who are having a particularly difficult time," warns Redondo in reference to the position of the unions. For this reason, he explains how the Vox Parliamentary Group has supported in the last plenary session of the Assembly the proposal made by the Government so that those affected by the ERTE receive aid of 200 euros for being “viable”.

"This is a proposal that, even considering it insufficient, we understood that, unlike the approach made by the UGT and CCOO, it did include an acceptable minimum feasibility that would allow, in an acceptable period of time, these complementary resources to reach those who were in need of them ”, Redondo transfers to reiterate that this is an“ effective ”formula. The objective, he points out, was "not to leave the proposal in a simple request or in a mere declaration of intent, as these two trade union centers presented it."

"Likewise, from Vox we do not know what have been the efforts made by these two unions to claim the Government of the Nation, which by right belongs to us." It would be interesting to know what they have done to prevent the almost two million destined to Ceuta from the extraordinary fund of 300 million to attend contingencies derived from the coronavirus crisis, from alleviating the critical situation in which SMEs, freelancers and workers are subjected to. ERTE instead of as it happens now is devoted almost entirely to the care of irregular immigrants, "says the president of the training.

In this line, Redondo asks "what is the work that these unions are doing in claiming the 7.2 million euros that belong to the Ceuta and that the Government of PSOE and United We can hide." "What steps are you taking to ensure that we receive as soon as possible the almost 5 million euros that correspond to us from the extraordinary fund for social spending or so that Ceuta receives, under equal conditions, our rightful share of those 16,000 million euros What does the government intend to allocate to the communities? ”asks the Vox Ceuta leader.

"From Vox we will always bet and support all those proposals that, from common sense, reasoning and especially viability, are intended to alleviate the serious effects that this health crisis is having on many ceuties, distancing ourselves, as in this case, from all those that, protected by demagoguery and simple criticism, do not provide real solutions with which to solve the difficult situation that Ceuta is going through ”, emphasizes Redondo.

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