The VOX Group in the Ceuta Assembly has supported this Wednesday, with its favorable vote, the implementation of aid of 200 euros to workers affected by Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) files in the city. Likewise, it has reiterated its support for the credit modification file that was already debated in April and that will allow starting aid for the self-employed and small companies in the city.

"With this aid of 200 euros, the workers will not reach the total amount they received monthly, but we do recognize it as a step forward and a considerable local effort, in the face of the erratic management of Sánchez e Iglesias," said the spokesperson for the VOX Group, Carlos Verdejo. Of course, it also pointed out that it is "insufficient aid" for the party, which has already proposed the payment, by the Government of the Nation, of all payrolls of workers in the private sector in Spain.

As these grants will depend on the proportion that corresponds to Ceuta of the 16,000 million euros that the Government of the Nation will send to the autonomies, Verdejo demanded that the government delegate “justify his appointment, honor his position, and that do not let the socialist government despise Ceuta again a few months after denying it the 7.2 million for compensation for the lack of water resources and the border impact. "

"Those 16,000 million are not worth us if they are not for all Spaniards, if the principle of solidarity is left aside," Verdejo affirmed to address the socialists and say: "And, if the Pedro Sánchez government does it again, I think you should resign en bloc and found another party. " And is that, warned the VOX spokesman: "What we can not consent, both you and us, is that the Government of the Nation, whatever the color, treat Ceuta as a distant antipode from overseas without importance."

If the funds finally arrive, Verdejo stressed that "this aid to workers should only be one more support measure" and warned that it is time to "start thinking about the survival of our economy with a border that we do not know if it will return to open throughout the year 2020 ”. "We are facing a completely unknown context and our ability to survive will depend on our ability to solve every problem that is not predictable," said the VOX spokesperson.

Among the problems that arise, Verdejo pointed to the opening of the border, which must be done with "guarantees", or the maritime connection, which must be accompanied by rigorous controls. In the urban sphere, the VOX spokesperson referred to the conflicts that have occurred in and around the La Libertad pavilion after hosting immigrants and cross-border immigrants there. A situation that, he reiterated, is “the responsibility of the delegate” and he appreciated that the Autonomous City “responded to the requests of VOX to relocate these people”.

Verdejo also mentioned the Unaccompanied Foreign Minors. “We cannot allow anarchy to reign in the next phase 2, in the port. We have learned in this crisis that it is possible to keep the MENA away from the port. You just have to want to do it, ”he said.

Finally, the VOX spokesperson referred to the health situation to warn that "the health risk remains extremely high" and thanked the work of all those who are at the forefront of this fight. To those who are fighting the virus or have affected family or friends, Verdejo transferred the support of VOX members and reached out again to the groups of the Assembly "to face with constructive attitude the changing future that awaits us" .

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