The Vox Group in the Ceuta Assembly will challenge, on Monday, the meeting of the Governing Board of the Ceutí Sports Institute (ICD) last Thursday, requesting the annulment of the agreements adopted at the aforementioned meeting.

This challenge, explains the party, "is motivated by the irregular call that caused the attendance of this two governing deputies to this Governing Board." This situation contravenes what is established in the current statutes of this autonomous body, "preventing its legitimate constitution and therefore invalidating the agreements adopted in it" and Vox exposes it.

The Vox Group is working to ensure that "current" legislation is complied with as regards the Constitution and development of autonomous societies and organizations, "preventing the pathogen of transfuguism from spreading and infecting the political and organizational life of these entities, as unfortunately has happened in the plenary session of our Assembly ”.

"For this purpose, Vox will make use of all those legal and legal mechanisms that guarantee the representative legitimacy of the will of the Ceuta expressed in the ballot box last year and usurped by the deputies who are refugees," underlines the party. To achieve this, the training adds, in the same way, “the anti-transfusion pact signed by the majority of the political parties with national and institutional representation and which in the Assembly of Ceuta, at the proposal of Vox, was ratified by majority agreement in the past February month".

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