VOX Ceuta, in its intention that a detachment of the Military Emergency Unit be permanently installed in the city, has taken a further step and will take a proposal to the next plenary session of the Assembly to urge the Government of Spain to create this group of members of the UME in Ceuta. In March, the national deputy of training for Ceuta, Teresa López, already registered a Proposition No of Law to establish this detachment in the city and thus avoid having to wait several hours for the UME to travel to Ceuta in case of emergency .

Now, with this proposal, the aim is to achieve the unanimous support of the members of the Assembly to claim more strongly from the Executive of the Nation what VOX understands is "key" for Ceuta: the installation of a detachment of the UME with character permanent. As is the case in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, and will be requested for Mallorca, VOX is committed to having members of the UME in the city since its extra-peninsularity causes a delay in action in case of fires and floods.

"Without ceasing to value the magnificent work, competence and training of members of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Service, Security Forces and Bodies or emergency teams, it is necessary to point out that, in situations of serious risk, said services have that to face alone the worst moments of a fire with the consequent risk for the staff and the UME would be a necessary reinforcement ”, says VOX in its proposal. For this reason, and as Ceuta has military installations and specific locations to be able to count on an operation of the UME, the party hopes to carry out this initiative and that it will materialize quickly.

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