For the city, the increase in Covid-19 cases that Spain is suffering in the last month, "is no exception," says VOX Ceuta. The example is that this Friday the number of active cases amounted to more than 350, causing "citizens to live with great concern this unstoppable increase in cases feeling some fear and bewilderment at the numerous confinements that are taking place" and this is emphasized by VOX .

Faced with this situation of virus expansion, VOX Ceuta will ask the Government, in the next control plenary session, "what is the action protocol when a positive case is detected". And it is that, in addition to increasing the number of infected, hospital admissions have also increased "causing uncertainty and fear", says the training, which warns that the number of hospitalizations is already, "clearly, alarming."

In addition, the waiting time for a PCR test can take up to a week and is reported by the party. From the moment the person receives a call from the Ministry of Health to make a file with their data, until they receive the result of the test, "the mechanisms of action are not, in all cases, as effective as would be desirable, probably due to the saturation of work suffered by the people assigned to this work ”, highlights the training. For this reason, VOX Ceuta wants to know "what are the functions performed in this regard by both the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Government together with Ingesa". "Is there a coordination protocol between the two instances?", The party will question.

Also, VOX will ask at the next plenary session for the number of people who are destined to make contacts with inmates or cases under study. "Does the Autonomous City have trackers? How many? ”, Questions the party.

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