Since the work of Gran Vía, Jáudenes and Plaza de África began, the pavement of the Paseo de las Palmeras has been in poor condition on the occasion of the increase of the circulation of vehicles by is zone. Consequence Of this, the state of the ground "is lamentable", assures VOX Ceuta, causing that to circulate through that area "is done avoiding obstacles".

VOX Ceuta will question in the next pleno to know the reason why the total repair of the surface of the walk is not carried out, and if it is planned to fix it. "The cobblestones are raised or broken and the state of the tiles that make up the road is truly deplorable, with shifting, sunken, broken, with holes, raised or protruding from the rest," says the formation.

This is a central area of ​​the city that is experiencing an increase in the load of vehicles, "causing wear, breakage and deterioration of the same," says VOX Ceuta. Therefore, the party led by Juan Sergio Redondo wants to know "how much longer, both neighbors and pedestrians, have to suffer from the current state of the pavement." A pavement that has been patching the gaps "with simple metal plates", which not only does not solve the problem but "is annoying due to the noise pollution it produces", the training assures.

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