VOX Ceutí shows its maximum rejection of the unworthy words of Sonia Almela, made public by the Socialist Group of Ceutí in which she accuses our councilor of celebrations, Mari Gil, of organizing the projection of a children's film as an act of celebration of the party Halloween "without the security guarantees established by law."

Faced with this accusation, we do not know if due to ignorance, lack of preparation or due to hidden interests based on their strategy of lies, defamation and misinformation to which we are unfortunately accustomed, we want to record from VOX Ceutí that the actions that the The council of Festejos carries out the benefit of the people and is always carried out following a line of action based on compliance with the established norms and with all the guarantees established by law.

"This successful event, which consisted in the projection of a film from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and in the delivery of candies to the attendees was held in a limited area, where both the capacity and the security separation between people not living together were controlled" , has highlighted the councilor for VOX in the Ceutí City Council, María Antonia Gil, who adds that it had, among others, the collaboration of the Local Police, which in its report concluded: "After obtaining a verbal report on the development of the event to the Police, no agent tells me the existence of any relevant incident letting me know that the current regulations were complied with and that everything proceeded normally, and there was nothing remarkable. "

Gil defends that at no time, as demonstrated, was he acted irresponsibly and at all times "the minors and adults of Ceutí lived moments of joy and hope in an attempt to humanize the situation we are experiencing as much as possible" .

It is noteworthy that while the PSOE, after its disastrous management of the pandemic, wants us imprisoned, preventing us from carrying out any hint of a manifestation of humanity among us, VOX advocates for the freedom of the Spanish, always prioritizing their health.

"The Socialist Party of Ceutí and Sonia Almela are lacking any capacity to propose initiatives, ideas or constructive proposals of their own since their proposals are limited to endless lists of actions that are already being carried out in the consistory, it only intends to confuse the neighbors ”, has reproached the mayor of VOX.

"The social-communists follow a line of action marked by aggressiveness, by the harassment and demolition of other groups, distorting and degrading political activity. This is what characterizes and defines today the current leadership and action of the Ceutí Socialist Party, a way of acting in shameful politics that is shameful for political understanding itself ”, concluded the VOX mayor.

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