The local government of Cieza, made up of PSOE and IU, considers that the VOX proposals, and specifically the one carried out in plenary session on September 1 in favor of the industrial sector, did not deserve to be voted on.

However, and to everyone's surprise, in the October plenary session, the aforementioned Government has put to the vote a proposal to lower the IBI with which to favor the industrial sector. Not content with the plagiarism of ideas, they make public their concern about said sector in numerous communications, forgetting that from VOX we have reiterated on numerous occasions that we consider this sector abandoned on their part, not only during the four years of the previous legislature but also what that has elapsed from the current one. That same unconcern was demonstrated when in the September plenary session they voted against the fourteen points of our motion for the benefit of the industrial sector.

The social-communist government must know that the creation of new industrial land in our city is urgent. Small and medium-sized, but also large, plots of 10,000 or even 15,000 square meters are needed so that companies that are doing prospecting can find in Cieza a suitable place to start or continue their activity, which would effectively benefit Cieza due to income via taxes and also due to the secure creation of jobs.
“It so happens that there are companies in Cieza that are looking for large plots to move. It would be a catastrophe for our municipality and for our workers if these companies were forced to seek help in other municipalities because the Government of Cieza does not give them an answer ”, he stated. GM VOX Cieza spokesperson, Juan Antonio Piñera.

From this party we ask for a correct signaling and maintenance of the polygons, resources for the promotion of the industrial sector and the creation of new land, since the industry is one of the pillars or fundamental sectors of any developed economy despite the fact that the Government team know how to value it.
Cieza cannot afford to be at the bottom of the table in the Region of Murcia as far as per capita income is concerned, and this is due, as the mayor Piñera explained in plenary session, to the abandonment that said sector has been suffering for years by the local administration.

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