The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Angels Servant, has stated today that the Euthanasia Law, which will be approved this week in the Congress of Deputies, "it's crazy, a lot”.

Ángeles Criado explained VOX's outright refusal of this Law because “all lives matter”And has accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez of taking advantage of the current political situation that we are experiencing in Spain to implement its social-communist agenda, as is this Euthanasia Law.

"This law lends itself to many excesses in the countries where it is being applied, such as the Netherlands. In this country, people don't want to go to hospitals because they don't know if they will make it out alive. Life is a right, euthanasia is not a right; is to kill a person. No one can decide who should or should not die; nobody owns someone else's life, not even their own”.

The VOX deputy has indicated that euthanasia attacks people with fewer resources, because they cannot afford to go to a private hospital, and also favors suicide, since it encourages death to be seen as the solution to problems.

"VOX defends life from conception to natural death; VOX wants a Palliative Care Law for 100% of the population and alleviate the suffering of the sick, supporting the family. The sick need accompaniment, affection, understanding, support, love. The sick should not think that they are a burden. Life does not depend on politicians. All lives matter”.

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