Renfe yesterday started the ‘Avant’ service between Seville and Granada, an inauguration in which VOX was present to show the determined support of the training for all railway lines. He also stressed that until recently Granada was the great forgotten in terms of infrastructure, especially in transport, and, therefore, will work for the province to leave the tail train of Andalusia.

From VOX they have supported this new rail connection, "but we demand better and greater infrastructure for the province, and hence the initiatives that we have promoted in the Diputación, as is the proposal for the train between Motril and Granada capital," said Cristina Jiménez, provincial deputy of VOX.

Cristina Jiménez recalled that “the Junta de Andalucía has forgotten to ask the Government for the rail connection of the port of Motril and has excluded it from its claims, in what constitutes a breach of what was promised by the party that governs the Board, for this reason VOX undertakes the institutional path to demand that the public representatives fulfill the promises that they or their parties used to get representation ».

For this reason, the provincial deputy registered a motion that was debated in the plenary of the Diputación urging that the Andalusian Government and the central government guarantee the technical, economic and social viability of the rail connection with Motril. «Although with unsuccessful attempts, it has historically been the Diputación de Granada who has had the initiative to take the train to Motril, and now it is time for the Diputación to resume its importance and leadership in defense of society in the eyes of society the local interests of the Province of Granada ».

From VOX “we are pursuing a true social transformation, driven by a rail network that links the towns and regions of Granada and Andalusia, which responds to the economic dynamism of the area, which favors the transport of students, workers and tourists, and that is less polluting. In the face of this search for railway social vertebration, the Popular Party seems to follow the continuous path of doing nothing in rail matters, which for years was applied in the eastern provinces of Andalusia under the socialist government ».

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