Faced with the attacks by the social-communist government against Spanish and against freedom of expression and information, the parliamentary group VOX in Andalusia has presented two non-law proposals (NLP) to guarantee the defense of Spanish and freedom of expression and information.

At VOX we consider that Spanish is the greatest exponent of the work of our Nation throughout the centuries. Hundreds of millions of people living in different nations and continents express, feel and love in the same common language.

Spanish is a living language, which grows every year, and is studied by tens of millions of people in all corners of the planet, many of whom live in what is known as the Iberosphere.

Unfortunately, our language has suffered for years, a direct attack by nationalists and independentists, who with the support of socialists and communists, advance in the expulsion of Spanish in various areas of Spain.

This is a direct attack on the equality of all Spaniards, since Spaniards are forced to learn a co-official language in order to access any type of employment, producing a comparative grievance that causes many Spaniards to suffer from the language barriers promoted by the left and the independence movement.

Therefore, with the NLP that we present from VOX, We request that the rights of Andalusians be guaranteed throughout the national territory, going to the European courts and institutions if necessary.

Strongly defend the unity of Spain and the common language of all Spaniards, in addition to promoting and strengthening ties with the sister nations of Latin America as well as those belonging to the Iberosphere.

Likewise, the Andalusian Parliament is requested to urge the Governing Council to urge the Government of the Nation to comply with and respect the precepts contained in the Spanish Constitution. TO guarantee equal rights throughout the national territory by ending language barriers Y promote a National Education Law that promotes and guarantees equality for all Spaniardss and access to compulsory education in the common language, Spanish.

Freedom of expression and information

At VOX we have presented an NLP with in order to guarantee the commitment by the institutions and administrations with the freedom of expression and information.

The Ministry of Truth that the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias intends to impose has the sole objective of perpetuating itself in power by exercising an intolerable abuse of power and incompatible with democracy.

In a state of alarm, and after more than 10 months of pandemic in which the ineffectiveness of the social-communist government is more than demonstrated, its main concern is the creation of a committee in charge of monitoring social networks to silence criticism and information contrary to its disastrous management.

The Government, which makes use of hoax, lies and confusion as legislative tools, intends to curtail the individual freedom of Spaniards.

Therefore, from the GP VOX Andalucía, we submit the following for approval:

The Parliament of Andalusia expresses its commitment to freedom of expression and information, the fundamental rights of every democratic State and the law set forth in international human rights treaties as well as in the Spanish Constitution.

The Parliament of Andalusia shows its rejection of attempts by the National Government to create methods or bodies with the capacity to influence or censor opinions and content on social networks and the media.

The Parliament of Andalusia shows its rejection of attempts by the National Government to alter and influence Public Opinion, making a perverse use of the Legal System and public institutions.

The Parliament of Andalusia urges the Government Council to in turn urge the Government of the Nation to guarantee the defense of the Spanish Constitution and the fundamental rights contained in it, as well as guaranteeing freedom of opinion, information and thought.

The Andalusian Parliament urges the Governing Council to declare its commitment to the Constitution and the rights and freedoms contained therein in the face of the totalitarian temptations of the Government of the Nation.

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