The deputy-elect of Vox in the Cortes of Aragón, Santiago Morón, and the future councilor in Zaragoza Julio Calvo, have appeared before the media to clarify that they can not support something that they have not been "participants", and Morón has warned of that if they are removed from the negotiations they will consider it a "contempt and insult" to their program and that if Cs refuses to negotiate with them, they will not back the Government that arises from the pact "almost one hundred percent".

"We are not going to accept formulas in which we are marginalized in a corner and limit ourselves to supporting a government," Morón warned at a press conference, stressing that "our voters deserve respect." He has conditioned his support for a hypothetical right-wing government to participate in a "dialogue table" with "light and stenographers", stating that "in the end there has to be a photo in which we are the different groups with Vox".

Santiago Morón has warned that "almost 100 percent would not support this government" if there was no negotiating table because "we can not support something that we have not been participants" to be "an insult to our voters and the program", what "we can not accept". "We want to show our interest in maintaining these conversations," said Morón. "First of all we are going to defend our voters and the program", that is to say, that "we are not in the line of wanting to obtain seats", although "we believe with the right to be able to demand them" for their representativeness, three seats that would give the absolute majority to the center-right.

Thus, Morón has asserted that "we do not close the door to be part of the governments, but neither do we consider that it has to be strictly necessary", prioritizing the "programmatic agreements". The leader of Vox Zaragoza does not care about the formula to negotiate, if he has to be "first with one or the other", but he does believe that it should be carried out under a principle: "first the negotiation and then the distribution of chairs".

The deputy of Vox Zaragoza has spoken both Luis María Beamonte (PP) and Daniel Pérez (Cs) and has been confident that "change their minds and understand that the right thing to do is sit down and talk." Moron has made it clear that the Andalusian model of negotiation "at this moment no longer serves us," although then "the right thing was done." Now the approaches "have to be different".

"The voter does not understand that Cs, which is a democratic party, does not sit at the table with Vox, which is democratic", especially when "both have shown their willingness to form a liberal-conservative government." It has complained that the candidate of Cs to the Presidency of the Government of Aragon, Daniel Perez, this week influenced the "genetic" differences between both parties and has appealed to the democratic character of the party of Santiago Abascal. In a telephone conversation, Pérez conveyed to him – Morón said – that «perhaps the expression could have led to misunderstandings» and that his statements could have been «misinterpreted».

"We would not be giving the press conference if we thought that the bridges with Cs are closed," he said, hoping to reach agreements with the orange party after their conversation. Vox is going to "try to facilitate" the creation of a liberal-conservative government, expressing its "willingness to dialogue" to "bring these talks to a successful conclusion".


For Moron, "one could reach agreements in almost all" the points of the decalogue that Cs has proposed to negotiate with the PP, considering that some discrepancies can only be "grammatical". Yes, he has commented on some differences with respect to the Decalogue, for example that in "ADN" of this party is "the criticism of the State of Autonomies" because "it has failed and has led to a greater division and inequality among Spaniards", pointing out that "Of course we defend the constitutional order", without denying that there is an autonomous state.

At this point, "we will work from all the institutions to try to convince citizens of the benefits that would have a more politically centralized and administratively decentralized State." "Sometimes they are grammatical issues, maybe it would not have to be that point that had to throw the fret that negotiation," said Morón, who said that "it is a very general decalogue and there are many more things that unite us that those that separate us »and, precisely for that reason,« there is room for those negotiations ».

On the point related to the fight against male violence, Santiago Morón has stressed that Vox "always" is against this scourge, as "all Spaniards," adding that "perhaps what makes us different is the way we approach the problem and to allocate resources in one direction or another ». The LGTBI collectives "have all our respect, like any other Spanish", but "there are a number of issues that are commented, sometimes, as rights that are questionable, such as gay marriage", so that there may be "different positions" .

In other European countries "maybe these situations are not contemplated", he pointed out. He has stated that "one thing is that we can disagree with some laws that are in force and another that we do not defend compliance with the law," claiming his right to "dissent from a single thought" and to be able to express his "disagreement with some laws and to be able to change them », refusing« to remove rights to anyone ».

In the opinion of Santiago Morón, "this issue will be resolved at the negotiating table, which I hope will take place as soon as possible with all the parties involved."

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