Through the VOX territorial manager, Remigio Díaz Martínez, the five provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, have coordinated support for local police officers in that community so that they are considered essential and are carried out, together with health and Residential employees, the PCR tests for the detection of Coronavirus.

Vox is another of the voices that is defending with determination that these tests are done to all local police officers, both symptomatic and asymptomatic in Castilla-La Mancha, and has not received with surprise the result in the town of Malagón where four asymptomatic local police officers have tested positive.

As reported by the territorial responsible for VOX, Remigio Díaz Martínez, "the legal claim that is being prepared to present it against the Regional Government by the SPL of CLM, had a date and date, and did not doubt that this was going to happen, because he has been ignoring the request to test all CLM SPL agents, over and over again. "

Remigio Díaz Martínez regrets that he had to have to have real evidence of what was feared and does not rule out that there may be cases similar to that of Malagón in other Local Police of Castilla-La Mancha, so he warns that the risk is in the street near the citizen.

"A known and known risk situation, and not defended, causes outrage, and even more so when we put citizen security forces, such as the local police collective, to work on the street and close to the citizen."

Remigio Díaz does not find an explanation to the fact that, knowing from the Health Service that there were four infected local police officers, they were not called as soon as possible to comply with the home isolation.

"These local police officers have found out at their health center, and being positive they were patrolling in the municipality and attending to the neighbors, this is not a trivial matter to overlook," says Díaz Martínez.

"We all know that this virus is dangerous, and that much-needed communication to the infected agents, telling them they were positive, has had their colleagues and the people they have been with during these days while exercising their service, also at risk. his family ”, he indicates.

The territorial manager of VOX has no words to define the lack of responsibility of the regional government, "capable of putting its citizens at risk, while telling them that it is going to protect them with masks and affirming day after day that Castilla-La Mancha is the one that does the most tests in Spain ”.

“The regional government is charging the CLM SPL with reasons to report it, something that the CLM SPL will do in the coming days, as I have been informed, a complaint that I support, which I consider fair and that will reveal the hypocrisy with which the citizens of Castilla-La Mancha are being treated ”.

For its part, the CLM SPL has said that the complaint document against the CLM regional government is being prepared in the absence of a response from the CLM to its request that symptomatic and asymptomatic agents be tested.

The four local police officers who tested positive in Malagón are isolated at home while they wait for Health to tell them that they are infected, something they have learned, coincidentally, when one of the agents 'sons' children went to the health of the locality for being indisposed

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