Cordova. Thursday May 14, 2020. After the extension of the State of alarm approved again in the Congress of Deputies, with the vote against Vox, we want to call the Spanish to go to the Freedom Phase.

Alejandro Hernández, Vox spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament and president of Vox Córdoba, has made an appeal to Andalusians tired of the management of the Government of Spain during the Covid-19. "Tired of lies and deceit, the Spanish are taking to the streets to protest against the social communist government of Sánchez and the vice pandemics Churches. Join the caravans this Saturday, May 23 that from 12 in the morning they will circulate through the province capitals of all Andalusia requesting the resignation of the Government, protect Spain ”.

In Córdoba, the Caravan will begin at 12:00 in the morning this Saturday, May 23, from AVallellano coming following the following route: Avenida de la Victoria, Avenida de Cervantes, Avenida de América to end at the Glorieta Llanos del Pretorio, traffic light intersection with Avenida Al Nassir (Vial Norte).

From Vox Córdoba “we advise Cordoba people to arrive in time for the caravan that will be organizing from 11:30 am. Always respect the security measures and go with your vehicle and the Spanish flag ”, explains Hernández.

As our president assured this morning, Santiago Abascal, in the Congress of Deputies "We call all Spaniards, vote what they vote, wherever they live to join the caravan of vehicles on May 23 to demand the resignation of a government that with its criminal management has led to the ruin of millions of Spaniards and the death of thousands ”.

Córdoba Caravan Tour

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