Córdoba, Saturday March 14, 2020. With the recent announcement of the suspension of Holy Week in Córdoba, Vox goes to work to study the measures to be taken to "mitigate negative impact that this will have in our tourism, in the economy of all the companies that live on it ”, explains the spokeswoman of Vox in the town hall, Paula Badanelli.

Paula Badanelli, spokesperson for VOX Córdoba City Council

“We are aware that there are many companies that have stopped their activity as a measure to contain the coronavirus, in various sectors such as tourism. So it is necessary that let's take on the same line political decisions in this regard ”, explains VOX municipal spokeswoman Paula Badanelli.

Support to the local government team

From VOX they have shown their intention to support the measures that the local government team studies to alleviate the difficulties that the business fabric of the capital experiences.

"After the meeting of mayor of Córdoba with CECO and tourism entrepreneurs They have requested that the budget be used for promotional measures. At Vox we will not hesitate at any time to modify the budget for it, a budget currently pending our support, "explains Badanelli.

From Vox they believe it is necessary to put aside ideologies and government support at the moment and "we ask for confidence from the self-employed, SMEs, hoteliers, merchants who are currently seeing their businesses endangered. At Vox we are already working so that when this happens, everything in our power is made available to them to help them when necessary, ”says the spokesperson for the formation of Santiago Abascal at the Córdoba City Council.

“At Vox we will be at the side of those who need it most in these difficult times. We political representatives are and should be for this. Much encouragement to all, we will be up to it”Clarifies the municipal spokesperson for VOX.

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