Seville, August 15, 2020. The municipal coordinator of VOX in Coria, Jose Marquez, has demanded "coordination between the local government and the Junta de Andalucía to end as soon as possible the outbreak of the Nile virus, transmitted through mosquito bites, a disease that causes, in the worst case, meningoencephalitis, and that already It has led 18 residents to be admitted to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville.

Márquez, urges "both administrations not to stand idly by and to act quickly on an issue that concerns the health of all our neighbors, who live in fear in their own homes." For this reason from Vox Coria we ask "that the safety of the entire population be permanently ensured and that recommendations be made to avoid mosquito bites, we ask that those already carried out by both administrations include two of great importance, the first: "that the neighbors are on alert with any type of water stagnation, such as those that form in containers outdoors, since this humidity is the perfect place for mosquito larvae to grow" and the second: " do not lower your guard at any time of the day, even if dawn and dusk are the time slots where mosquitoes are most active ”.

Despite the fact that the fumigation work, in charge of the City Council, will start early on Saturday, August 15, the municipal coordinator of Vox in Coria recalls that "this measure, although urgent and necessary, is not enough." That is why "he asks the local government team to work on long-term measures to prevent a new outbreak of this virus that, we recall, can be lethal."

From Vox Coria we do not want to forget our neighbors affected by this virus and we offer all our support to the families of the 18 people who remain admitted to the hospital as well as to wish all those affected a speedy recovery.

José Márquez recalled that "from Vox we will be vigilant so that both the local and regional governments act immediately on a matter so serious that it affects the entire population," he concluded.

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