Ceuta is at the bottom of Spain when it comes to performing diagnostic tests for coronavirus. A particularly serious situation when Covid-19 infections are soaring in the autonomous city, reaching the highest rate of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last week and currently registering more than 600 active infections. For this reason, already in September, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, asked the Executive what was the reason why in the city the number of PCR tests is much lower than in the rest of the autonomous regions. Something for which the Government has no answer beyond justifying that the protocols of the Ministry of Health are followed.

In addition, the Government of Sánchez now responds that the Ceuta Health Area has not carried out population screening of an epidemiological nature with this diagnostic technique and shows that the responsibility lies with this area dependent on the Autonomous City. The evaluation of PCR requests, they recall from Moncloa, is carried out with the involvement of the Preventive Medicine Service according to the case definition, established by the Ministry of Health. However, the reality is that despite the increase in cases, tests are limited and are not even performed on contacts of a positive person unless they present symptoms.

"Ceuta is in its record of infections since the pandemic began and while the Government recognizes that population screening has not been carried out, "criticizes López to add:" This is the sample that the only thing it does is create uncertainty among citizens, who see how their rights continue to be limited but the institutions are not protecting them ”.

The VOX deputy for Ceuta defends that "the citizen should not have to choose between health or rights." "It must be remembered that Spain has suffered the most severe confinement and has had the highest mortality rates, the Government refused to protect the most vulnerable, to carry out controls at origin, to increase surveillance at airports, massive and rapid PCR … and instead we have useless curfews, ”laments López. The parliamentarian recalls that "this pandemic is a virus, not a vampire that goes out alone at night" and therefore qualifies the curfew as "a 16th century measure" and warns that "against this virus we must use century technology XXI, like those screenings that the Government refuses to carry out and without forgetting that Ceuta is in the queue of PCR tests ”.

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