He spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX, Antonio de Miguel, has criticized the "Authoritarian character of the mayor of Guadalajara, Mr. Alberto Rojo, with the complicity of his members from Ciudadanos" by not contemplating, in the words of the VOX spokesperson, "None of the initiatives that we propose at the monitoring table and agreement for the economic and social recovery of Guadalajara regarding the tourism, hospitality, entertainment and nightlife sectors of the city". De Miguel has specified that "The companies in these sectors of the city would have needed the VOX proposals so that they could have a real and powerful boost in the recovery that they are demanding so much".

The VOX spokesperson in the Guadalajara City Council has made these demonstrations at the end of the extraordinary Governing Board convened this Wednesday in relation to the call for aid for holders of micro-enterprises in the hospitality industry, entertainment management, nightlife and other sectors particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis in the city of Guadalajara.

Antonio de Miguel, who last week raised the VOX initiatives to the table created for this purpose, has proposed them again at the Governing Board, recalling that “The multiple restrictions that exist only continue to create confusion and incoherence in decision-making by the different competent administrations. I said it last week at the table, and I say it again now: either they stop all these disproportionate restrictions on the activity of the city's hospitality, tourism and nightlife or many businesses in Guadalajara will have to close ".

Some of the VOX proposals

De Miguel has related some of the initiatives proposed to the table of the pact for the economic recovery of the city and to the Governing Board: “From VOX we request the flexibility of the payment conditions of local taxes through a division with long terms. We also ask to make more flexible, standardize and extend the opening, closing and consumption hours of the different leisure venues, or incentive measures with tourist package vouchers ".

“In the Governing Board we have also commented that, in this line of aid, micro-companies dedicated to catering, the distributors of hospitality products, those who organize sporting events, those who had a reserved space should have been included at the Fair or to bus passenger transport companies ", adds the spokesman for the Municipal Group of VOX.

Finally, the VOX spokesperson in the Guadalajara City Council also recalled the National Plan for the recovery and promotion of the tourism sector presented by the training chaired by Santiago Abascal, which includes a decalogue of measures for the reactivation of the national tourism sector, "Many of which could be implemented in Guadalajara due to the particularity that our city has due to its proximity to the capital of Spain", according to Antonio de Miguel, who adds that "Guadalajara has lost tourists and overnight stays, hiring in travel agencies has been considerably reduced, and the restaurant sector and leisure establishments have also accused it".

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