Tarragona. April 24, 2020.- The first reason to reject the presented budgets is that they are not presented as an aid from public services to the Catalan public as a whole, rather the opposite. Isabel Lázaro, Provincial President of VOX Tarragona, considers that "They are budgets in favor of a part of the citizenry, and not at all for the whole of Catalans, and much less, oriented within the whole of the Spanish nation, since we continue with the duplication of structures and cost overruns in our pockets."

Lázaro states that these assumptions "they follow the separatist roadmap led by Torra, who is disabled, along with imprisoned criminals"On the other hand, he adds that" the budgets continue ignoring the real needs of the Catalans, we talk about the importance of recovering health, investing in education and providing social aid that really favors us as a whole. We continue with the fiscal pressure and with the lack of resources. ”

Since the formation, it is considered that these budgets are being led by a disqualified President (sentence 149/2019 of the TSJC) and with a sentence ratified by the TS (sentence 438/2019), and protected from prison by a coup leader sentenced to 13 years of prison (STS judgment of special cause 20907/2017). Understanding, therefore, that these budgets will not only not be able to stabilize the crisis we are experiencing in Catalonia, but that all they will do is worsen the situation, due to a negligent economic policy. Budgetary policy in the region is void, since the community has budgets carried over from 2017.

Since Vox looks with concern as Catalonia, years ago the locomotive of Spain, is increasingly losing productive potential and if the budgets are accepted, the contribution of Catalonia to the GDP of Spain will be less and less. In December 2019, Madrid surpassed Catalonia in generating wealth, but in the year 2000, for example, Catalan GDP was higher than that of Madrid, at around 8,000 million Euros.

The budgets agreed by separatists and communists increase, are more and more expensive

Vox points out that budgets agreed for this year 2020 by separatists and communists, there are tax increases in the sections of regional personal income tax, increases in patrimony, patrimonial transfers, documented legal acts, successions and donations. Further, 4 more own taxes are created: Tax on stays in tourist establishments, Tax on facilities that affect the environment, Tax on CO2 emissions from mechanical traction vehicles and Tax on port emissions from large ships. Isabel maintains that "you have to optimize resources and not continue increasing taxes."

In this sense, VOX denounces that in the budgets that are approved; ▶ The public salaries of the highest senior officials in all of Spain are maintained, with 216 senior positions in the Generalitat who earn more than the Prime Minister (The salaries of Quim Torra and his counselors are 152,861.54 and 115,234.92, Almost double what the President of the Government and the Ministers of Spain earn) ▶ 78 million euros are again earmarked for external action. ▶ The Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation will continue to be subsidized with 245 million.

On the other hand, they do not contemplate alleviating urgent social needs such as: ▶ Approving measures for the return of the 5,500 companies that left Catalonia after the coup d'état in 2018. ▶ Reverse the extremely poor number of housing construction in Catalonia. During the first three quarters of 2019, housing starts fell by 55.3% in the city of Barcelona and weighed down the whole of Catalonia, which fell by 4.6%. It is the only Spanish community that falls during the first three quarters of the year since the group of

Spain grows 8.7%. And by contrast, there were 135,000 requests for officially protected housing last year alone. ▶ Boost birthrate because the average number of children per woman is 1.3, the lowest since 2001. ▶ Increase healthcare spending and efficiency further, since 168,000 Catalans are awaiting an operation, while the Generalitat allocates hundreds of millions in separatist political propaganda. ▶ Cover the necessary expenses to improve Public Education and provide the concerted party with sufficient resources to guarantee access to a necessary system that guarantees plurality and quality. ▶ Really worry about dependency. There are more than 100,000 Catalans awaiting assessment of their degree of dependency and awaiting attention through services or benefits.

For all this, Lázaro concludes that "the budgets do not adjust to the reality of the Catalans, superfluous expenses are maintained, include salary increases for former presidents, financing of media favorable to independence. There is no commitment to Health, education, or social aids that favor the Catalan population as a whole. We continue with the fiscal pressure and with the lack of resources"

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