In recent weeks, an exponential increase has been detected in arrivals to Spanish coasts in general, and those to the Region in particular, of illegal immigrants brought with the intervention of illegal trafficking mafias that operate both on the African coast and in the national territory .

These immigrants respond to the effect called of the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias and the subsidized NGOs and on many occasions they arrive infected with Covid-19, which implies a serious risk to the health of all Spaniards, since a considerable part of the illegal ones are positive in PCR tests on the coronavirus producing outbreaks of the epidemic.

"The National Police and Civil Guard do not have the personal, material and legal means necessary to confront this authentic immigration invasion", affirms the acting president of VOX Murcia, José Ángel Antelo.

Also, in the VOX Political Action Committee celebrated yesterday, Jorge Buxadé, spokesperson of the same, has affirmed that the result of "the collaboration with the human trafficking mafias in the Mediterranean has as a consequence the pressure on the employment market in Spain, since thousands of illegal immigrants are sent to the streets and forced to commit a crime ”.

The Municipal Groups of VOX in the province propose, after debate and approval, if applicable, in the Ordinary Plenary session corresponding to the month of September 2020, that the following agreements be adopted:

First.- To urge the Local Government Board to convene the Security Commission in order to make the Local Police available to the National Police and Civil Guard operations to support and collaborate with the security forces and bodies. of the State in the work of

detention, retention of illegal immigrants, and subjection to the temporary stay regime that proceeds before their orderly repatriation.

Second.- To urge the Local Government Board to proceed with the corresponding credit modifications for the elimination of all subsidies to foundations, NGOs or associations of any kind that in some way collaborate with the human trafficking mafias facilitating the massive sending of people to our shores and / or do not provide adequate collaboration to the FCSE in compliance with the agreements signed for this purpose with the Ministry, allowing the uncontrolled flight of illegal immigrants under their guardianship.

Third.- To urge the Local Government Board, so that prior agreement with the Government Delegation, those municipal premises authorized for this purpose be made available to the national police and civil guards, free of charge, for their rest and provide them with means of personal health protection for the best performance of their duties.

Fourth.- The Government of the Nation is urged by this Corporation to:

• The immediate reopening of the Foreigners Internment Centers in Spain, expanding and / or enabling new temporary facilities if necessary, to retain all immigrants arriving on our shores until their repatriation to their places of origin, also extending the periods of permanence in the CIEs; and providing means

personal and material said centers and their extensions for the better performance of the assigned functions, with full respect for the applicable Law.

• The provision of more personal, legal and material means to reinforce the surveillance, detention and retention of illegal immigrants who arrived on our shores, especially those infected by COVID-19.

• The review and expansion of the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin and the pressure on these States to collaborate and facilitate the repatriation of those who arrive irregularly on our shores.

• To the suspension of aid to those third foreign states that do not cooperate in preventing the urgent return of illegal immigrants.

In the case of GM VOX in Murcia, the motion will be carried out next Thursday through its spokesperson, Antelo, who recalls: “From VOX we have demanded a naval blockade with the Navy in our waters for weeks since the effect of the Government's call social-communist is putting public health at risk and the FFCCSE in check ”, concludes the acting president of VOX Murcia.

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