The news that the Government of Spain has released 24 illegal immigrants who arrived at the Port of Motril, and who had been in contact with positives for Covid-19, continues to generate debate in the coastal city. Thus, the complaint made by the popular mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, in which she denounced the attitude of "passivity" of the Pedro Sánchez Government, was criticized by the VOX spokesperson in the Motril City Council, Miguel Ángel López Fernández, who has censured that the mayor voted against a VOX motion that denounced these same events, in the plenary session of the city held just a few days ago.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has described the attitude of the councilor from Motril as “cynical”, since “now it pretends to be the scourge of the Government of Spain on social networks, but only a week ago from the Municipal Group of VOX we took the plenary session from the City Council a motion in which we denounced these events that are taking place throughout Spain due to the negligent management of the Social-Communist Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, not only in health and economic matters, but also in terms of border control ”.

Miguel Ángel López has indicated that the VOX motion urged the Government of the Nation to extend the periods of permanence in the CIEs, to review the subsidies to foundations, NGOs or associations that collaborate with the human trafficking mafias, to review the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin, and to provide more personal, legal and material means to reinforce the surveillance, detention and retention of illegal immigrants arriving at our, "especially those infected or suspected of being infected by Covid-19 ".

VOX denounced these events in the plenary session of the Motril City Council "because, unlike the Popular Party, in VOX we have an understanding of the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, and we know that they are in the globalist policy of open borders and massive illegal immigration." However, the Popular Party voted against this motion “and it is in the City Council where courage must be shown and where the problems of the city must be accounted for, and not on the mayor's social networks, that they only intend to apply a cosmetic layer to the politics of complexes of the Popular Party ”.

From the formation presided over by Santiago Abascal at the national level and Manuel Martín Montero at the provincial level, they have affirmed that “once again, from VOX we anticipate the plans to destroy the nation of the social-communist government, and the Popular Party has shown that it is distracted in his policies of equidistance and electoral strategies: from these policies, in the end, citizens are always harmed, and the case of Motril is a glaring case of this attitude, since the events that VOX denounced in the municipal plenary session have been produced in the city with only one week of difference after the said motion was debated, which was rejected by the votes against the Popular Party, and which is sufficient reason for both the popular formation and the mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, to apologize to Motrileños ”.

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