The Provincial Group of VOX in the Diputación has criticized the “cynicism” of the PSOE of Granada, which a few dates ago registered a Proposition No of Law in the Congress of Deputies demanding more security in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Granada, but that a few months ago , from the Government of the Provincial Council of Granada, they voted against a VOX motion that formulated a series of measures to deal with the wave of crimes that were being committed in various parts of the metropolitan area.

The spokesperson for VOX in the Provincial Council, Cristina Jiménez, stated that “a few months ago from the VOX Provincial Group we presented a motion in the plenary session of the Provincial Council to create a new Metropolitan Police Corps that would be made up of the different Police Forces Local of the municipalities that make up the Metropolitan Area of ​​Granada, and that in turn was coordinated with the different Security Forces, in such a way that a large regional security table was created that would provide service in an efficient way, that would do it where now many municipalities suffer from severe deficiencies in personnel, and all this without increasing public spending, but rather reordering and unifying what is already available ”.

From the formation they regret that, however, “PSOE, Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda Unida voted against, excusing themselves in fallacious arguments related to competence issues, and even arguing that the statistics did not show the clamor of insecurity that the street lives, leaving in the mainly to the residents of the Granada belt, and discarding any possibility of establishing more effective police coordination. Paradoxically, now the PSOE intends to bring to the Congress of Deputies a Proposal No of Law demanding more security for the metropolitan region citing the increase in crime, and they do so without the slightest embarrassment after having rejected our proposal through pilgrim arguments, which only They reflected that they wanted to vote against it because it was a VOX initiative. The problem with this position is that VOX does not harm us as a party, but those who harm and keep in suspense are the neighbors, who suffer from this non-living.

Cristina Jiménez has affirmed that behind these movements of the PSOE there is only a political strategy, but not a real intention to fix the problem: “the rejection of the left groups to the VOX initiative in the Diputación caused such discomfort and uneasiness among the neighbors, who now intend to amend the error by launching a firework in the form of Proposition No of Law in Congress, but they no longer deceive anyone: if the PSOE were concerned about the security of the Metropolitan Area, they would have supported VOX's motion to promote a Metropolitan Police ”.

For her part, the VOX deputy highlighted the “little decision-making power that the PSOE of Granada has in Madrid if the PSOE really wanted to solve the problem, as the National Government would act directly by reinforcing the troops. By presenting a Non-Law Proposition, they give the impression that either the PSOE of Granada does not have the capacity in Madrid to punch their superiors on the table to denounce the serious situation of insecurity that the Region suffers, or they It is a toast to the sun behind which hides a political strategy, whose motivation would be justified by verifying that the polls are rewarding the work of VOX, and that in more and more municipalities of the Metropolitan Area it is already the leading political force in voting intention , turning the “Red Belt” of Granada into the “Green Belt” of VOX ”.

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