Again with evasions. This is how the Government of Pedro Sánchez answered the question registered by the national representative of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, on April 2 to find out if the Executive would take into account the migratory pressure that the Autonomous City is bearing and compensate the overstraining that it is doing to welcome immigrants and cross-border immigrants in the La Libertad and Santa Amelia pavilions.

After learning that about 75% of the fund that Ceuta would receive from the 300 million announced by Sánchez at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, would be allocated to immigration care, the Ceuta parliamentarian asked about it. In addition, López questioned about "what measures will the Sánchez government put in place so that the Ceuta people have the same level of assistance and protection against the consequences of Covid-19." Questions that the Executive avoids in the written response that it has given to the questions of the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta.

From the Government, they limit themselves to detailing the criteria used for the distribution between communities and autonomous cities of the 300 million euros enabled to face the economic and social impact of Covid-19. As explained, Ceuta and Melilla are guaranteed 0.5% of the funds, that is, 1.5 million, and to that is added 100,000 euros in accordance with the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of February 2, 2007 authorizing the Minister of Public Administrations to sign an agreement adopting measures to improve the self-government of autonomous cities. Thus, Ceuta corresponds to 1,599,000 euros.

However, López regrets that the Government does not answer the question posed and avoids answering whether it will take any measure to alleviate this situation in which the Ceuta are aggrieved. And it is that, insists the deputy, these funds that should be destined to mitigate the effects of the social crisis opened by the pandemic of Covid-19, are diverted to attention to immigration. However, the Sánchez Executive has nothing to say about this issue, offering an answer that shows his lack of concern about Ceuta's problems, as López and Vox Ceuta have denounced from the beginning.

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