Francisco J. Ocaña, VOX deputy for Granada in the Andalusian Parliament, has criticized the passivity of the Junta de Andalucía in implementing the necessary measures to save the economy of our province, postponing until Sunday the announcement on the restrictions and new hours of the hospitality, commerce or service sector.

From VOX they insist that «it is nonsense to wait until Sunday night to know the decision of the Junta de Andalucía, since the owner of a restaurant or a greengrocer has the right to know today the genre that he is going to need, thus how to plan the next days or weeks.

"Improvisation only brings uncertainty, which undermines the future of commerce, the hotel industry and our entire economy," said Francisco J. Ocaña, for whom "the request of the Junta de Andalucía to the Government of the Nation for a generalized confinement, only it will bring more ruin and misery. A new house arrest in Granada will give the finishing touch to commerce and the hospitality industry that in the face of the already precarious situation that they are suffering from the first wave of the pandemic, which will lead to the massive closure of establishments and the ruin of thousands of small businessmen and their employees".

The VOX parliamentarian has warned that “Granada cannot close bars and restaurants or limit the mobility of its citizens without first having opted for other less harmful measures for the Granada commercial fabric, measures such as those applied in the Community of Madrid that have been shown effective taking into account the results obtained, without reaching the total closure of their businesses or strict confinement and if necessary, there is no choice but the most extreme measure, develop a subsidy plan for entrepreneurs to protect the future and the viability of hundreds of shops and hoteliers in Granada ».

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