Seville, February 28, 2020. Vox has celebrated this Friday, February 28, Andalusia Day, a public event in the center of Seville in which it has criticized the "regional waste" and that after 40 years of autonomy in the region, the territorial model "has failed for Andalusia and for the rest of Spain ».

The deputy of Vox for Seville in the Congress of Deputies Reyes Romero has made these statements in the reading of a manifesto during the act, where she has assured "the overwhelming reality" is that "Andalusia lives chained", as recorded in a training Press release.

«While in the Teatro Maestranza the official Andalusia celebrates the day with institutional and political events spread across our geography, there is another Andalusia, the real, majority and silent, for which this holiday is one day less in the calendar, one day less waiting for the recovery of the pension or unemployment or one more day in search of a decent job, ”has begun the deputy, who has lamented that the region lives“ chained to the last place of purchasing power, to the lowest wages in Spain, to contracts that oblige to live in the permanent anguish of renewal »and to the lowest pensions in the nation.

For 40 years "they have made us live after the lure of goodness" of an autonomy that "separated us a little more every day from the rest of Spaniards", while "a great company, the PSOE SA, has allowed its network of Friends enjoy an inaccessible standard of living for the majority of Andalusians and bagging bulky salaries without greater merit than the socialist card's safe-conduct, ”he said.

In his opinion, this "network of friends" skips waiting lists in a hospital, does not know the anguish of not knowing whether or not there will be a contract renewal, because "they always find a position" in the public administration, and "to many of them the day begins when most of the Andalusians have been working for several hours or, in the worst case, looking for work ».

The Vox manifesto for this 28F implies that the region is “caught by shackles that have been gently tightened” with “the poppy of an autonomy of tambourine” in which the role of others “was none other than to play palms on spree that ran with everyone's money ».

The deputy has asserted that after 40 years of autonomy it can be said that the main contribution of the governments of the Junta de Andalucía "seems to have promoted the greatest theft of public funds in the history of Spain," in reference to the ERE.

On the other hand, he has criticized that the Government of Sanchez "is willing to break the Single Social Security Fund as a tribute to the independentistas", when this is "one of the last frontiers to which equal rights are grasped between Spaniards »And he asked himself« With what music will the left silence the noise of the breakdown of a Social Security system that equals everyone? ». «Without hardly any industry, with an impoverished agriculture and poorly sold to multinationals, without a business fabric after four decades speaking shamelessly of the 'second modernization', today the left pushes Spain to the very middle ages in which the Leones fought with the Castilians and the Navarrese with the Aragonese, ”he lamented.

«Opening graves, promoting confrontations and reopening wounds, Andalusia has been a laboratory where the left has rehearsed its policies in the face of the complicit silence of those who call themselves" prudent and moderate ", criticized the deputy of Vox, who has claimed a Enough of these “chains” that want to “prevent talking about what you want, educate children according to the best criteria of their parents, open a business anywhere in Spain without having to multiply the procedures as many times as administrations stand behind their own skills ».


The deputy has delved into the fact that these chains "imprison Andalusia in mediocrity, in the cult of the subsidy, in having as a maximum aspiration to touch a lottery coupon with a contract from one of their useless beach bars." "We do not come in Vox to promise El Dorado, we come for a multitude of free citizens who also want freedom and honor for their elders and for their children, yes, we say freedom and we say honor and we say it full mouth," he said.

Thus, he has argued that they will not allow the life of the elderly to be "at the mercy of the ethics committee of the day that decides whether or not to administer death", nor that the education of the children "is stolen from the responsibility of families ».

In the manifesto Vox expresses that they want to “take out the partisan politics of Social Security, the gender ideology of the schools, the progressive dictatorship of culture” and “end the confrontation between the people and the lands of Spain at once” .

«Thousands of free countrymen make every day Homeland with honor, with joy and with a very high head, shaking hands with those who fall, giving a hug to those who need it, applauding those who succeed and sharing the successes of all; 40 years chained to mediocrity are more than enough, ”said the deputy.

In this way, he has welcomed the thousands of Andalusians who fight daily for a life and a common future with the rest of Spaniards; He pointed out that they claim in their party the solidarity and national unity with which they can be "a stronger country" and "help those who need it most"; and that "instead of spending money on the welfare of politicians with 17 different structures to place them," they claim "to invest in the welfare of the Spaniards."

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