The VOX Municipal Group in the Guadalajara City Council has criticized the use by the city government team, made up of PSOE and Ciudadanos, of the balcony of the capital city council, "What is and should represent all the residents of Guadalajara", they clarify, for the placement of a banner on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, “In a propaganda and ideological imposition campaign, sprinkled with public money, which is spending thousands of euros from the residents of Guadalajara during these days of economic crisis, and which only seeks to use women against men and to discriminate against men because violence has no gender and such violence must always be equally condemned ", underline ediles of VOX, Antonio de Miguel and Javier Toquero.

The councilors of the Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council have reiterated their commitment to end any manifestation of violence against women and against any man, child or elderly person: “We declare the need to defend any victim of violence and to condemn aggressors and murderers alike, be they men or women. We want to be with all those people who have been victims of violence. We condemn any violent attack carried out against any person regardless of their sex, age or ideology. We reject the collectivization and victimization of women, as well as the criminalization of men for being so ", add the VOX councilors at the Guadalajara City Council, who have shown their "Full support for all those people who have been victims of violence, whatever its origin, because violence is always intolerable".

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