VOX criticizes the waste that DPZ will dedicate to Historical Memory in the province. "More than 94,000 euros, without specifying the ceiling of the amount to be spent is outrageous," says Carlos Rodrigo, Deputy Speaker of VOX at DPZ. Rodrigo thus criticizes the aid that the DPZ is going to dedicate this year to the Democratic Memory of Aragon. Even more so when these aid are destined to six associations that "do not defend equality of memory, but only the Republican side," says the Deputy.

Absurd and partisan expenses

When inquiring into their spirit of help, both the Association of Historical Memory Battalion 5 Villas, and the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory of Aragon, the April 14 Foundation. Or the Charata Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, ARICO and CHAMA, are only republican in nature. And although they observe the Law on Historical Memory, "the predisposition of the social-communist government of the Diputación discriminates in this sense," says Carlos Rodrigo.

It should be noted that the aid to these associations ranges for each between 4,800 and 19,200 euros according to sources from the DPZ. All with a view to facilitating the exhumation of their direct relatives for descendants. In addition to promoting book editions, lectures and other initiatives and events.

Similarly, the Deputy for VOX believes "unnecessary" the promotion of the 1st Route of Democratic Memory of Aragon. And that will take place in Los Monegros. With a tour of the towns of Leciñena, Perdiguera, Villamayor de Gállego, Farlete and Monegrillo, in the province of Zaragoza.

“There are many more productive needs on top of these absurd and partisan expenses. It must be remembered that the route is the republican part of the Civil War ”, comments Carlos Rodrigo.

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