The deputy of the VOX Valencian Community Parliamentary Group and spokesperson for VOX in the Agriculture Commission, Jose Luis Aguirre, has stated that VOX defends a National Hydrological Plan that guarantees water throughout Spain and of course, the Tajo-Segura transfer that would benefit the farmers of the Valencian Community.

José Luis Aguirre has regretted the position taken by all political groups, except VOX, in Castilla La Mancha, where they have renounced the Tajo-Segura transfer in order, in the long run, to be able to implement an ideology and exercise command of water in Spain in based on the 2030 Agenda promoted by the left to favor the hegemony of radical environmentalist globalism. A pact that harms the Valencian Community.

Given this, VOX requires the execution of a National Hydrological Plan that effectively guarantees the necessary watershed interconnection and transfers in any part of the national territory, guaranteeing the possibility that from the Tagus water can be taken from other parts of Spain more needy like the Valencian Community.

Aguirre has explained that “andWater is a good of all, indispensable and generator of wealth and life, and so, We demand a plan that covers all the hydrological demands of the regions of Spain and a national water supply system that integrates watershed management and guarantees access to water for all Spaniards”.

The deputy considers that it is essential, as our colleagues in the Congress of Deputies say, end the water war between territories, promote plans to improve knowledge of underground water bodies, a National Irrigation Plan through the use of water, interconnect basins through transfers to turn Spain into a great sink for CO2 by irrigating 2.5 million hectares and thus combat excess CO2.

"VOX is not going to renounce, for any sectarian, partisan or territorial interest, that water reaches all corners of Spain on equal terms. We do not want the rights of Spaniards to use water to be violated or restricted, invoked by the false 2030 Agenda or under the excuse of climate change”.

Aguirre has indicated that, once again, “The PP-PSOE Government is guilty of the separatist and regionalist parties and their anti-national and unsupportive barons and interests”.

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