Yolanda Merelo is the best senator that Ceuta has had to date and you only have to watch the plenary sessions of the Upper House to find out. This is how the VOX Parliamentary Group has defended it in the Ceuta Assembly and this is what the party wants to underline, after the disapproval against the VOX senator who this Tuesday has come forward in full at the proposal of Caballas.

The Popular Party has chosen to abstain from this disapproval defended by the Caballas spokesman, who is also under investigation in the ‘Emvicesa Case’ and to which the Public Prosecutor's Office imputes the crimes of continued prevarication and membership in a criminal organization. This abstention has allowed Caballas, with the support of PSOE, MDyC and one of the two defectors who belonged to VOX, to disapprove of Merelo simply because the senator raised a question a few months ago about the situation of two Moroccans who were in the University Hospital despite having received a medical discharge.

One of them has been in a coma for five years but, after being discharged, he could be transferred to his country and Merelo appealed to the Sánchez Executive for situations such as this man who is in charge of public health. An uncomfortable question for the left-wing parties that, because they are not in favor of it, have chosen to want to demonize the senator.

VOX spokesperson Carlos Verdejo, has defended the work of the parliamentarian and her "flawless and unpolluted" career, and has criticized that Caballas has used the Assembly "as a mere instrument of personal disqualification against Senator Merelo." In addition, it has explained the amendment presented by VOX to disapprove the proponent of Caballas for being an investigated person. However, this amendment has not gone ahead because the PP, this time with its vote against, has also blocked the initiative to allow later, with its abstention, that Merelo is reproached.

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