The VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, defended this Thursday "the impeccable conduct of the Civil Guard" before the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, after what happened as a result of the dismissal of Colonel Pérez de los Cobos for the reports on the 8-M demonstrations. Five months after requesting the appearance of the secretary in the Senate, Merelo has criticized the "delay" of the Government in giving explanations for "the very serious events that occurred in the Ministry of the Interior, where Colonel Pérez de los Cobos was required to take action contrary to the operating rules and the applicable legislation, and that ended with his dismissal ”.

The colonel was fired for complying with the law. Although it may be incredible, it is true. I imagine the party that their partners, the proetarras of Bildu, made in the face of such vileness ”, added Merelo. For the senator, "the events described are so serious" that, she told the Interior Secretary, "if you had the slightest political decency, you should have left your positions." But, he lamented, "they are not up to par" and that is why he asked "what would you call a minister and his subordinates who dismiss a Civil Guard colonel using lack of confidence?"

"It seems that you have not yet found out about the impeccable conduct of the Civil Guard corps, which is forced to retreat by hierarchy and the obedience with which they always proceed," Merelo pointed out to remind the Government that the agents: "No they are to be subservient in their exchanges or to be accomplices of their absurdities to break the law ”. In response, the Secretary of Security has insisted, as the minister had already done, that the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos was motivated by "a renewal of equipment."

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