The senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, defended today, during the plenary session of the Senate, the right of people with Down syndrome to life, during the debate on the Motion for the International Olympic Committee to recognize a specific category for athletes with Down syndrome and increase the access tests for the participation of other groups with disabilities in the Paralympic Games, which has been supported by this training.

Merelo has made this defense of life after showing his surprise that the PNV "appears to have a great sensitivity towards people with intellectual disabilities and a great concern for their inclusion in society" while "voting laws that prevent these people from inherent right to be born under the same conditions as others ”.

VOX, the only pro-life party

In this sense, he recalled the NLP presented by the VOX Parliamentary Group, in its "desire to avoid discrimination at birth on grounds of disability", to modify the legal terms of abortion in cases where a disability has been diagnosed in the fetus. "We firmly believe in the abilities and development of people with physical and mental disabilities in all aspects of their lives, and not only in Olympic competitive sport," the senator said.

Along the same lines, Merelo lamented that VOX "is the only pro-life party" of the parliamentary arch. "We are convinced of the need that this society has for people with intellectual disabilities," he pointed out.

Thus, he has also defended that "they can be trained, with an education that allows them to be included in this society and that, for this, they can freely choose the most appropriate public or special centers."

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