He asserts that "the lack of security makes Seville the ideal city for robberies, assaults and robberies, as we can easily see by peering into the pages of the local press every day"

He shows his concern "about the current crime crime escalation in Seville" and asks Juan Espadas "if he has a plan to deal with an eventual security crisis caused by growing social tension"

Seville, March 12, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, has demanded this Thursday a crash plan for security in Seville "to face the upturn in activity criminal that is seen in all the neighborhoods of the city ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has asserted that "Seville has a police deficit of 200 National Police personnel and 400 Local Police officers"And this notable lack allows criminals to find in Seville the ideal city for robberies, assaults and robberies, as we can easily see by looking into the local press."

“We had been announced the immediate incorporation to Seville of almost two hundred new agents of the National Police, but these agents have either not arrived, or have replaced retired police officers; the case is that there are no more police officers on the street, crimes are increasing and the government is not and is not expected"

Peláez has pointed out that “the escalation of criminal acts should draw the attention of the mayor, who only seems concerned about climate change, when what is taking place is a change in the perception that Sevillians have of their mayor shrinking from shoulders before the escalation of assaults and the qualitative jump that supposes that now, robberies and assaults, are more violent and criminals more aggressive"

Cristina Peláez has asked Juan Espadas "if you have any kind of prevention to speak to the new government delegate and demand what Seville needs, which is a National Police staff with all its personnel and with sufficient technical means",

“We are very afraid that Juan Espadas does not want to disturb the new government delegate; the mayor is Measuring their movements so as not to disturb or disturb anyone, their career towards the Secretary General of the PSOE of Andalusia and San Telmo will be truncated"

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council has regretted "the situation in which the Seville National Police is, whose agents are forced to play in kind in obsolete and even dangerous vehicles, with radio stations that are barely working and with police officers with absolutely worn tires ”.

"We do not hide our concern about the current security situation in Seville and we cannot help thinking that we are facing the worst possible government to face an eventual escalation of social tension in our city motivated by recent events, so it would be good for the mayor to tell us if he has a plan or is going to leave everything to improvisation. ”

As for the Local Police, the municipal spokesperson for VOX has added that "This mayor will finish his term without lifting a finger to optimize and improve the local police force, with a deficit of 400 agents, oppositions that have been unsolved for three years, a tedious bureaucracy, a demotivated staff and citizens who do not have the best image of their municipal police and not precisely because of the agents. ”

“The last thing we know about the mayor is from this week, at the Joly Forum, when he stated that new local police officers will be incorporated soon, but without specifying when; It has been like this for years, announcing imminent incorporations of police that neverAnd that, in reality, he is not interested in incorporating either because he knows that the Police and security are not going to give him votes after his terrible management ”.

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