Francisco Ocaña, VOX deputy for Granada in the Andalusian Parliament, has urged the Junta to specify an industrialization plan for the Altiplano region, taking advantage of the construction of the 400 kw Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina power line, an infrastructure that will boost the competitiveness of our business fabric and facilitate public-private interaction in the province.

The VOX parliamentarian for Granada has stated that “we cannot recover Andalusia without industry, and our region must join the fourth industrial revolution in the face of new initiatives in research, product development, service design and marketing, in order to compete on equal opportunities with other regions and countries ”.

«We must decisively support companies in difficulties and strengthen the supply of financing instruments, increase spending on R&D and make a qualitative leap in internationalization, as well as promote the growth and establishment of Andalusian companies and enhance the attraction of generating investments of employment. At VOX we are committed to promoting new projects in future technological-industrial areas, facilitating the digitization of complete value chains and the development of advanced services, promoting inter-company and inter-sector cooperation, through cluster policy, and establishing agreements with regions leading industrialists in our economic environment, ”explained Francisco Ocaña.

Hence the importance of "promoting a real plan for the industrialization of the Altiplano that can achieve the highest quality standards thanks to the 400 kw Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina power line", this is the idea of ​​VOX and therefore "we urge to the Junta de Andalucía that, together with companies, workers, unions, technological agents or universities, they build the future of Andalusian industry, which must become the centerpiece of our production model, ”concluded the VOX deputy for Granada in the Parliament of Andalusia.

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