The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, asks the government team to "commission an independent audit to find out the real state of waste collection and street cleaning in the city as a first step to correct existing deficiencies "

The representative of Vox makes this request in a motion that will be debated in the next plenary session on July 30 where he points out that "Santander, in recent years, has experienced an alarming deterioration that is shown in a special way in some services that the City Council it has to lend to its neighbors on a compulsory basis such as waste collection and street cleaning ”.

In the explanatory memorandum, Pérez-Cosío indicates that "the problem comes from afar, it does not finish fixing itself and it even worsens with the passage of time, becoming more and more a matter of complaint from the neighbors."

On the other hand, the mayor denounces that “after the cessation of activities due to the coronavirus, the number of uncontrolled dumps has multiplied and has left some municipal facilities that are part of the tourist showcase of the city in a deplorable state, such as the La Minizoo Magdalena or the ponds of the Mataleñas and Las Llamas parks, where not even the ducks dare to submerge themselves in the dirt, the verdín and the remains of the last big bottle ”.

Finally, Pérez-Cosío has stated that "our city has always been characterized by its cleanliness, something that we cannot currently presume."

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