VOX has supported this Tuesday, in the Senate Defense Committee, the recognition as infected and, where appropriate, deceased in the act of service to members of the Armed Forces sick with Covid-19. The formation, which has already registered a Proposal No of Law in this line in Congress, has defended that the provisions of the law be adjusted "to the new reality".

"It would be unfair to consider that the infections suffered by those who have worked in the containment and fight against the pandemic are considered a common disease, even more so when we talk about assumptions of deaths caused by Covid-19," said the senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo. In addition, the parliamentarian has defended that the recognition is accompanied by the speeding up of the administrative procedures for the recognition of these situations and granting the decorations and promotions that, posthumously, may correspond as a result of the declaration of death in act of service.

Merelo also highlighted that these measures have already been proposed by VOX for civil guards and police officers and, therefore, he has said "it must be extended to members of the Armed Forces." "We have all seen our military dedicated body and soul to the containment and eradication of the epidemic and it is especially hard for us that those who give their lives for our safety and without due protection, do not have that minimum recognition," he added. .

Along the same lines, VOX has supported the motion for express recognition and gratitude to the Armed Forces and civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense for their efforts to guarantee the safety, mobility and health of the Spanish. "Legitimate and necessary recognition and gratitude but that should not be a veil that prevents us from seeing clearly the disastrous management of the pandemic that this Government has made," Merelo warned.

The VOX senator for Ceuta has affirmed that that of the Executive of Sánchez has been "a totally unacceptable management, which has led him to have to use the services of the Armed Forces as a last resort at a time when they did not know what to do ”. "None of the warnings from the WHO or the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control was even valued by this Government, which was 'too busy' in tasks of another nature", has criticized Merelo to add: "The recognition and gratitude is very good, but it must be reciprocated with economic improvements ".

The senator has warned that “it is necessary for this Government to keep the Armed Forces in mind, since it has been the military who have provided all the autonomies with trackers, who raised the IFEMA hospital in record time, carried out tasks of disinfection, they built field hospitals, and alerted politicians to what was happening in nursing homes ”.

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