The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Miguel Pascual, has demanded this morning, during the plenary session of the Cortes, forcefulness and rotundity in the face of illegal squatting "because it is a crime and must be prosecuted”.

Paschal has made these statements after supporting Citizens' proposal to address this problem, but the VOX deputy has asked rotundity and call things by name.

"I am glad that on this occasion Ciudadanos does not position itself in waters close to the Botanical Garden, but you say that squatting is an illegal act that deserves the reproach of the public powers. ¿Reproach? It is a crime and as such must always be prosecuted. Without respect for private property, freedom is impossible and that is how the Constitution with the right to private property and the inviolability of the home. Absoluteness and a more restrictive message against squatters are lacking”.

Pascual recalled that there are currently 1,300 homes from the public park squatted in the Valencian Community, who were squatted last year 500 private homes and that in 2020 the illegal squats have skyrocketed, they have doubled with more than 560. "For the Consell this problem does not exist, but gentlemen of the Botanist, you have the obligation to protect citizens' homes”.

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