The Municipal Group of VOX has shown its concern for the state of the urban public transport fleet in Granada and urges the government team to ensure compliance with the legal obligations of the company concessionaire of the contract, Rober, and ensure protection of users and respect for environmental regulations.

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of VOX, has registered several questions requesting reports on the condition of the tires, the revisions of the air conditioning and the control of the gas emissions of Rober's vehicles.

«The Granada City Council presented 21 new hybrid buses that are incorporated as part of the concessionaire's fleet renewal plan, with an investment of 12 million euros, which ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions and better air quality in the city. capital, but we are concerned about old vehicles and what are the Mobility Department's plans to adapt them to the emissions established in the regulations, ”said Beatriz Sánchez Agustino.

Specifically, "currently there are operating buses for more than 15 years that pollute too much" and from VOX "we fear that these vehicles use an air conditioning with R134 gas", reasons why VOX already asked a few weeks ago that the renewal of the fleet is a priority for the government team.

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