The Vox Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress a Proposition No of Law regarding the necessary sanitary protection measures for members of the Security Forces and Bodies, during the State of Alarm for discussion in the Interior committee. The national deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, has already denounced on several occasions the lack of material to protect the agents of both the National Police, the Local Police and the Civil Guard, and has even warned that the latter should justify the use of gloves to receive new ones.

As of April 14, 10 members of the Security Forces and Corps have died as a result of their Covid-19 infection, with more than 1,800 agents infected with a positive test result and more than 5,500 isolated agents with symptoms or be in touch with positives. In Ceuta, this week 51 National Police agents who were isolated and continue to be quarantined 15 after the positive of several colleagues, in addition, two Local agents have tested positive. Despite these figures, the police are not considered a risk group by the Government.

On March 15, the Ministry of the Interior issued an order that held that police officers have the right to effective protection in the field of occupational safety and health. A month later, the officers, except some of them, have not yet received the promised protection, and must provide their own means of protection. Even those who have received material from the PPE have had to present a letter to their superiors justifying their use, as incomprehensibly as being forced to justify the use of the scarce material that the Administration itself provides them for their own protection and that of their colleagues, as López has previously denounced.

For all these reasons, the Vox Parliamentary Group presents a Proposition No. of Law in which it urges the Government to provide the Security Forces and Corps with the necessary protection elements against Covid-19, as well as to include them as a high-risk group. of contagion. Vox also requests that the Covid-19 detection test be carried out on all agents of the Civil Guard and of the National, Local and Autonomous Police, and release the agents so that, as long as they do not receive the PPE], they can make use of their own protection material, without having to process minutes that justify their use.

Vox also demands that PPE be provided to all agents, consisting of sanitary gloves, FPP ”and FPP3 masks, glasses, screens, screens, biological waste containers, disinfection of equipment, work centers and vehicles, as well as provide them with daily updated information on infections, symptoms, deaths and whatever information affects them in the performance of their duties in the fight against the epidemic. In addition, the party claims in its NLP that the routine disinfection of the dependencies of the National, local and regional Police, and the Civil Guard, as well as the disinfection of their vehicles and collective material be carried out.

On the other hand, Vox proposes that the decoration be awarded with a red badge for the agents who died in service due to the coronavirus, and that the flags of Spain, of all buildings, facilities, ships of the Public Administrations FYCSE, FAS, delegations diplomats and international organizations, wave at half-mast as a sign of national mourning.

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