Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group, has registered several questions in Congress to find out if the Government is going to articulate economic support measures for practicing lawyers and attorneys and their professional associations in Granada.

The brief has been presented by the General Secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group at the request of Onofre Miralles, VOX spokesperson in the City Council of Granada and a practicing lawyer, for whom these professionals “report that he is in a situation of complete helplessness on the part of the Government de España ”, one more example of the“ absolute lack of coordination between the PSOE and Podemos ministries, more concerned with the polls and the messages they proclaim in the media than with putting in place effective solutions to combat the coronavirus and its health consequences and economic ».

Given the evident improvisation of the measures adopted by Pedro Sánchez, the deputy of Vox for Granada, has asked if the Government is going to protect the lawyers and prosecutors of Granada in some way "subject to alternative regimes that support the payment of the Mutual Societies and college fees ", and whether" the exemption, suspension or postponement of payment can be established in some way ". Macarena Olona has also announced that VOX will present this same battery of questions to parliamentary headquarters so that the Executive will promote measures that help these unions in all Spanish provinces.

VOX is aware that the collateral damages of the coronavirus are being suffered by all sectors of society as a whole, although for the moment and through the decrees launched by the Government, various aid measures are going to be able to reach some groups to be able to do facing these moments of paralysis. However, this does not happen the same in all sectors, and only the essential services of the Administration of Justice have been maintained.

“Although today a lawyer can be allowed to carry out his work, the truth is that such permissiveness by not establishing restrictions does not coincide with the real activity of a lawyer, since the procedural and judicial deadlines have been suspended. There are no trials, there are no processes, in short, a lawyer cannot really exercise his activity, not by direct but indirect restriction. Thus, the reality is that the law firms are currently closed since they cannot meet with clients and that trials are not taking place either, describes the document presented by Macarena Olona.

However, "despite the paralysis of judicial activity, the expenses of lawyers and attorneys and of the Colleges are still significant: professionals continue to pay the fees of the Colleges, to which they are attached, as well as, where appropriate, the Mutuality fee and / or the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers. These are compulsory costs to practice the profession. In addition, it must be borne in mind that lawyers still have to face the payment of rents or mortgages from their professional offices, in addition to the ordinary expenses of their services, "the document continues.

"This situation undoubtedly reveals an inequality for those self-employed workers who are included in the social welfare mutual insurance system, who have also seen their economic capacity diminished in the same way that workers covered by the Special Security Regime have seen it. Social. A fact that has certainly not been foreseen by the Government and which also deserves protection and attention due to its importance in our society, "he clarifies.

In this situation, "the lawyers and attorneys of Granada denounce that the union has to continue paying these obligatory expenses for the exercise of their profession, finding their activity limited, not being able to exercise their profession in normal conditions and without receiving any type of aid as its function is outside the scope of aid that the Government is providing, ”denounces VOX.

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