VOX has defended, in the last Committee on the Interior held in the Senate, the improvement of the conditions of prison officials and, therefore, has supported the motion to draft a law on the Personnel Regime of Penitentiary Institutions. The VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, recalled that from her group they have denounced "the dramatic situation of prison officials and the neglect in which they find themselves by state institutions." Therefore, the party demands solutions that involve improving the human and material endowment in prisons.

"A call for public employment must be made for the next four years, taking into account, in addition to the lack of personnel, retirements," said Merelo, who stressed the need to create their own statute for prison officials to address one of the historic demands of this group. "It must be a statute that clearly identifies their functions and competencies, and that allows the establishment of a true professional career," said the senator.

It has also demanded "materials to deal with violent situations" such as "anti-cut gloves, shackles, vests or electric guns." "At VOX we are aware that the 23,000 prison workers receive threats, assaults and even face attempted homicides for their work development," Merelo pointed out to add: "That is why we demand from the Government the equalization of wages for all prison officials with those in Catalonia, with whom differences of up to 500 euros per month have been detected ”. "The principle of equality must be complied with," he added.

The senator has also claimed the recognition of prison officials as agents of authority and repeal the instruction of service that establishes a presumption of guilt over their professional work. Meanwhile, in another motion to recognize the work of public employees and inmates in relation to protection measures to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in the prison system, Merelo has urged the Government to strengthen the staff of health workers in prisons .

"Faced with this outbreak, workers denounce both the opacity when it comes to reporting and the absolute improvisation when it comes to controlling it," said the VOX senator, who has influenced the dangerousness of the profiles with which health workers work in prisons. Merelo has criticized that "fewer places are offered in those positions in which there are more vacancies" and that the shortages of medical personnel are due to the low salary of doctors who work in prisons.

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