Seville, October 16, 2020. The spokesperson for VOX in the Provincial Council of Seville Rafael Garcia Ortiz, he has asked for explanations about the location of the actions for the construction of the Oromana roundabout, in Alcalá de Guadaíra.

This is one of the improvement plans that were included in the Comprehensive Action Plan on the “Pinares de Oromana” Urbanization, approved in the plenary session of October 2019, and which came to respond to the demands of the residents before the state of neglect and neglect suffered by this area by the municipal government.

"We find it intolerable, García Ortíz explained, that one year after its approval, we have not seen any evident result that this Comprehensive Plan is being executed; For this reason, we demand a quick response to a problem that has not been solved for years and that can pay dearly. the neighbors themselves, Who They're afraid that in one of the innumerable accidents that occur in one of the entrances to the urbanization, pay with your life for the irresponsibility and passivity of a government oblivious to the problems of your neighbors ”.

García Ortiz recalled that it was himself spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Juan Carlos Sánchez, who urged in the Plenary Session of the Corporation, in December of last year, to "execute as quickly as possible some works that came to solve a serious problem in one of the entrances to the urbanization where serious accidents occur too frequently of traffic" and recalled that the stoppage of the execution of these works could not be justified, "under any circumstances", due to competence issues "because the daily risk experienced by the neighbors requires a quick and above all effective response by a government team" absent of their duties and obligations "that we remind you that there are other" than to ensure the safety of the residents of this municipality. "

“It is inexplicable that such a serious issue, such as the safety of our own neighbors, says Juan Carlos Sánchez, is the object of neglect and pasotism on the part of a municipal government who constantly ignores the needs of his neighbors, and Even more serious is that the mayor of the municipality herself is a vice president of the Diputación de Sevilla, the incumbent administration of the road on which the controversial access is located, and has not shown the slightest interest in the progress of the works, taking into account that every day that this roundabout is not executed is putting the road safety of its neighbors at risk ”.

“From VOX, we have always shown that we are going to a and that is why both the Alcalá City Council and the Seville Provincial Council will not stop claiming the execution of this Comprehensive Plan, so necessary for road safety around the Urbanization of "Los Pinares de Oromana", he added.

"The inaction, passivity and apathy of the mayor with Alcalá de Guadaíra will not stop VOX from demanding the immediate execution of works that have been approved since last year and that on this occasion, García Ortíz has finished, puts at stake not only the well-being of the Alcalareños, but their own lives and those of their families ”.

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